Important Information

·  Please note we are only importers of tiles and not tile installation professionals. All tiling work, installation and recommendations for the best adhesive, grout and sealant must be given and undertaken by a qualified New Zealand tradesperson. Your professional tradesperson will need to advise if the tiles are right for your project.  

·  Encaustic (pressed cement) tiles are made from natural materials including crushed marble/granite, colour pigment & cement. Subtle colour variations and bleed at the edges of the pattern are normal characteristics and do not compromise the performance of the tiles.  

Due to the handmade nature of our tiles, there may be slight imperfections.

With our handmade Zellige and Bejmat tiles you will receive tiles with noticeable variations in depth and colour and they may be pitted through the glaze, contain cracks, crazing and edge-chipping. These quirks are not flaws and should be considered an essential part of your handmade tiles.

·  When installing, we recommend mixing tiles from several boxes to give the best possible distribution & blending of variations in the tile.

·  Encaustic tiles can be used on internal walls and floors and may also be used in covered external areas when correctly installed and treated. Some colours may possibly fade over time with exposure to high levels of UV light as is prevalent in New Zealand. Using an appropriate UV-resistant sealer may assist in maintaining longer colour life. Installing outside should be done at purchasers’ discretion.

·  Tiles should not be laid in areas (internal or external) that reach freezing temperatures or extreme heat.

·  It is recommended you use a light-coloured grout with no dye. Dark coloured grout can cause stains on the tile that can be difficult or impossible to remove.  

·  Encaustic concrete tiles are supplied non-sealed. As the tiles are porous, we recommend they have a minimum of x3 coats of appropriate sealant that is recommended and applied by your tiler or trades person. Before use of any sealant always read the product directions. Sealers may need to be re-applied at intervals recommended by the sealant manufacturer.  

·  Regular cleaning is recommended using a pH-neutral cleaner.  

·  It is the responsibility of the purchaser to thoroughly inspect deliveries upon receipt. It is important to check that received tiles match what was ordered and that nothing was damaged in transit. All damage claims must be made within five (5) business days of receipt of the tiles. We take no responsibility for the product after five (5) business days. Receipt of the tiles is considered when you are notified when they have been dropped off at your location or that they are available for pick up from transport depot.

·  We take no responsibility for the condition of the product once it leaves our possession if they are collected by either the purchaser or collected by freight forwarder organised by the purchaser.

·  We assume that the purchaser’s tiler has full insurance and capabilities when laying our tiles. We take no responsibility for damages caused to our tiles or building substrates due to improper and faulty installation methods.  

·  We act as a tile supplier only and take no responsibility for any incorrect calculations of tiles required to complete a job or project. We recommend placing a minimum addition of 10-15% wastage for each order.


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